Lighting Audits


Superior Atex at your request can conduct a lighting audit service using our partner ATM engineers. This audit is designed to demonstrate the potential cost savings that can be made on your electricity and maintenance expenditure.

By replacing older energy-intensive lighting with modern, high efficiency light fittings equipped with highly effective light sources, significant savings can be made both in energy and maintenance costs.

The Lighting Audit consists of the following stages:

  • We can at your request arrange a visit to the client's facility. At this visit we gather information about the objectives of the project, the present lighting configuration if applicable, and we measure the actual energy consumption and light output (the first meeting ends with a protocol of measurements).
  • A comprehensive lighting design is drafted, in accordance with the standards, of the proposed location of lighting fixtures.
  • Comparison of the current lighting configuration with our new proposal. We will Demonstrate the savings on electricity and maintenance costs incurred through the lifespan of the new lighting design and the timing of investment return.


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Who We Are

Founded in 2012, Superior Atex is a specialist distributor of explosion proof lighting for hazardous areas in a wide variety of industry sectors.

Based in Cork, Ireland, Superior Atex Lighting has access to an extensive range of explosion proof lighting.

Superior Atex is an official distribution partner of ATM Lighting.

What We Do

We supply a range of specialised explosion proof light fittings for the Pharmaceutical, Oil & Gas, Food, and Brewing sectors.