Food industry and animal husbandry

Lighting fixtures for the food industry have hygienic atest of PZH (National Institute of Public Health) and comply with the high requirements of IFS (International Food Standard).

Water and dust proof industrial light fitting with LED modules. Diffuser made of polycarbonate or PMMA, housing made of GRP. Stainless steel clamps are used for closing the light fitting.

Industrial light fitting with encapsulated LED modules. Specially selected materials are chemically agressive environment (e.g. ammonia) resistant. This allows to use the device in food industry and animal husbandry.

Light fitting with LED modules dedicated for food industry. Designed for installation on ceiling. Device is equipped with optics preventing dazzle. Housing made of stainless steel, diffuser made of polycarbonate. Constructon simplifies washing and maintenance.

Water and dust proof industrial light fitting with encapsulated LED modules designed for use in highly corrosive environments. Housing made of stainless steel, diffuser made of tempered glass of safety glass.

Water and dust proof industrial light  tting with housing made of stainless steel. Diffuser is made in a safety-glass technology which prevents entering the shards of glass to the production process in case of fitting damage.

Waterproof and dust proof tubular luminaire with a very high degree of protection IP68. Diffuser made of thick polycarbonate.

Ceiling luminaire for T8 and T5 designed for the food industry. The housing is made of stainless steel, polycarbonate diffuser. Designed for easy cleaning and maintenance.


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Who We Are

Founded in 2012, Superior Atex is a specialist distributor of explosion proof lighting for hazardous areas in a wide variety of industry sectors.

Based in Cork, Ireland, Superior Atex Lighting has access to an extensive range of explosion proof lighting.

Superior Atex is an official distribution partner of ATM Lighting.

What We Do

We supply a range of specialised explosion proof light fittings for the Pharmaceutical, Oil & Gas, Food, and Brewing sectors.